G.O. - Lani Fruit Juices, Pretoria

We like to congratulate you on the efficiency and reliability of your water purification system. Since it was installed in March 2000 we have had no problems whatsoever concerning the quality of our fruit juices. Just by using your system we have been able to improve on the quality of our products to the extent that the shelf life has lengthened from three days to four to six weeks! We do not add any chemicals.

C.Z. - Pretoria

We have invested in a Crystal Flow™ water purifier. Since we have installed it in our farmhouse at Ellisras our family and guests do not hesitate to drink the water and they really enjoy the pure clean water. The water is now safe and of excellent quality. There is no need for us to buy bottled water anymore. Installing the water purifier [Home Flow] was worth every cent. I also thank you for your prompt after sale service.

P.K. - Durban

We are no longer buying bottled water. The chlorine content in the municipal water had affected my daughter’s health but I’m glad to report that using your system has eliminated this. Living in Natal, we are obviously concerned about the cholera hazard but with your system [Home Flow] we are confident that there is no risk of any water borne diseases

M.H. and A.L. -   Hartbeespoort

We would like to tell you that your product has “saved our lives” since the water around Hartbeespoort Dam supplied by the municipality would be undrinkable for us without your “Home Flow”. The bad taste and awful smell has disappeared completely. It is also quite amazing to see how little shampoo, dishwashing liquid etc. we use now. Another interesting factor is also that our water-kettle hasn’t furred up in the last three months.